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The most important consideration in the selection and installation of automatic vehicle fire protection is the safety of the passengers and the operator of the vehicle. Industrial and commercial vehicles are plagued with potential fire hazards. Therefore, the danger of a vehicle or equipment fire is constant. Since all vehicles and equipment carry a combination of highly combustible fluids including fuel, oils, grease, lubricants, hydraulic fluid,and ignition sources such as turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, electrical circuits, and batteries – fire can start quickly.

Jomarr Fire Suppression Systems are designed to protect certain hazardous areas where fires start and spread quickly. These areas include:

  • Vehicle Engine Compartment
  • Coolant Heater Compartment
  • Particulate Trap Area
  • AC Condenser/Evaporator
  • Generator Area
  • Hydraulic Areas
  • Dashboard Area
  • Bus Attic Area
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Battery Boxes
  • Wherever Potential Fire
    Hazard Exists

Invariably, these potential fire hazard areas are remotely located. Therefore, the risk that a fire which is not detected quickly will develop rapidly enough to cause substantial damage or even total destruction of the vehicle.

Besides the obvious risk to public safety and property, fires often result in serious disruption of vehicle services due to reduced availability for service of the fire damaged vehicle. Fires can also result in financial losses due to the cost of expensive, unscheduled repairs and unavailability of the revenue producing vehicle.

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